Sunday 15 January - In the medieval village
Smaller and more intimate than that of Aosta, the Sant'Orso di Donnas fair is a very pleasant craft fair to visit.
It takes place in the medieval village, along the main street.
The Fair with the display of precious objects, made by about 500 craftsmen, traditionally takes place on Sundays. It's easy to be enchanted by the creations of these artists. Impossible to resist and go home without thinking of a gift or a memory to treasure.
Once it was the fair for the sale of agricultural tools built during the winter, over time it has been transformed into a showcase of the typical and traditional craftsmanship of the Aosta Valley.
You can still find the rakes, baskets, spoons and ladles, barrels, sabots and household objects, but what you really admire is the skill of real artists in sculpture, bas-reliefs, wood carvings or soapstone, as well as copper and wrought iron objects, lace, hemp or wool fabrics, slippers and anything else the imagination can translate into reality.
Traditional craftsmanship of the Aosta Valley
Party atmosphere and folklore
Take advantage of the event to visit the Roman road and its arch, the parish church, the vine and wine museum.



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