Traditional Aosta Valley handicraft fair
On the cold days of January 30th and 31st, a spell envelops the city of Aosta where the mountains come to life and with their grandeur envelop this timeless festival, the bearer of an ancient tradition.
The warmth emanating from the kind smiles of the local artisans will make you feel welcomed in this atmosphere characterized by solemn songs and warm aromas emanating from mulled wine. An atmosphere of festive harmony that will remain engraved in your memory.
What will you see at the fair?
Traditional Aosta Valley handicraft products, such as work tools, sculptures, objects for the home. In addition to hobbyists, there are schools of craftsmen and professional companies that exhibit their works, all enlivened by folklore shows and a food and wine pavilion where you can taste delicacies from the entire region.
A moment to find each other, discover each other and get to know each other
One of the most heartfelt aspects of the Sant'Orso Fair is certainly conviviality, the desire to meet and be together. The fair is in fact an opportunity to meet again after a year spent apart and to exchange advice and life stories. The most awaited moment?
La Veillà, the white night between 30 and 31 January, in which to discover a different Aosta, partly underground, and its inimitable wines.



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