The village is known because only within it are 3 castles of the Region.
The first is the Castle of Ussel , visible already arriving from the motorway, it is a small fortress perched on a mountain. Unfortunately, it can only be visited at certain times of the year but it is still worth a visit also from the outside to be able to enjoy the enchanting landscape that surrounds it and the view over the villages of Chatillon, Saint-Vincent and Pontey is wonderful. The castle is well preserved on the outside; the interior has been plundered over the centuries and restored in recent times, periodically there is a fourteenth-century representation that allows the visitor to identify with the customs and traditions of the time.

Types of visits with compulsory booking:
- Admission with guided tour € 8.00
- Afternoon entrance with guided tour with people in costume (on some defined days) € 10.00
- Free entry for children under 12, when accompanied by an adult.
Telephone: +39 0166 56374 / +39 389 1870539

The second, namely the Gamba Castle , is a comfortable modern residence built between 1901 and 1903 by Baron Carlo Maurizio Gamba for the sake of his young bride, the countess Angélique Passerin d'Entrèves. Now home to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the castle houses in its rooms more than 150 works by 20th-century masters, the best of the collection of paintings, sculptures and graphics that the Valle d'Aosta Region has gathered since 1948 A wide selection of works also testifies with variety to the movements that have animated the Italian art scene over the last 25 years: for example, the Informal, geometric abstractionism, the Transavantgarde and Pop Art are represented. territory of the Aosta Valley through the activity of local artists, or artists active in the Valley on regional commissions. Majestic monumental trees, including a sequoia more than 36 meters high, shade the large park surrounding the building, designed by the Turin landscape architect Giuseppe Roda.

From October to March: from 10 to 13 and from 14 to 17, from Tuesday to Sunday
From April to September: from 9 to 19, every day
Via Italo Mus, 8, 11024 Chatillon (AO)
Telephone: +39 0166 563252

Finally, the Castle of Passerin d'Entrèves is located behind the parish church, immersed in a beautiful park. It seems that it dates back to Roman times, since the very name of Châtillon originates from “castrum” (=” castle”), and therefore indicates a place where there must have been a Roman fortress.
After passing through the hands of various noble families, at the end of the 14th century the castle became the property of the Visconti of Aosta, who later became Lords of Challant. In 1400 Jean de Challant had it enlarged. The archive room with the wooden ceiling and the frescoes on the walls, similar to those of the castle of Fénis, still remain from this period.
In 1814, after 18 years of widowhood, Gabriella married Aimé Passerin d'Entrèves who in 1841, after the death of his wife, inherited all the Challant estate.
The castle is private and open to the public only on special occasions, while it is possible to visit the park in the spring and summer seasons.
Numerous trees with monumental characteristics of different species have been identified within the park, protected by regional law n. 50 of 1990 and by the national law n. 10 of 01/14/2013.
The surface of the park is about 3 hectares, but the one usable by visitors is around 2 hectares and is constantly guarded. In front of each monumental plant there is a plaque which highlights the peculiarities of the specimens.

From 15 March to 15 October: from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18
From 16 October to 3 November: from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 17
Closing day: Tuesday
For visits by groups, telephone booking is recommended.
Admission is free.
Telephone: +39 347 5195958 / +39 339 1219555

  • CHEZ NOUS RESTAURANT: the Chez Nous restaurant is a small family-run establishment, created to bring together all the hungry people of the Aosta Valley tradition while maintaining faith in home cooking. Not surprisingly, the heart of their menu is Aosta Valley dishes faithfully handed down for generations, cooked to perfection with fresh ingredients. The protagonist of the cuisine is polenta, the result of a selection of the best corn flours, which is cooked for over three hours in a cauldron, a technique which gives it its characteristic smoky flavour. But that's not all... gourmets won't be able to say no to the double layer of Fontina DOP! All this is accompanied by four types of meat that melt in your mouth.
Hours: Monday to Saturday from 12:30 to 14 and from 19:30 to 21
Sunday: from 12:30 to 14
Closing day: Wednesday
Hamlet Ussel 8, 11024 Chatillon
Telephone: +39 0166 62276
  • LOCANDA IL CERVINO: the particularity of this restaurant is that they keep faith with the traditions by serving typical regional dishes cooked faithfully observing the rules that have kept them genuine until today. Also for this reason the restaurant has been awarded by the prestigious Gambero Rosso guide. Furthermore, one of the many strengths of this activity is the vast choice of which the pizza menu is made up of. More than 90 combinations available to satisfy all lovers of the Italian dish par excellence!
Open every day
Via Chanoux, 31 11024 Chatillon
Telephone: +39 0166 563206 - +39 339 2662928
  • LA CAVE DES AMIS: born from the idea of giving life to a place of good taste, made of dishes from the Aosta Valley and Piedmont, without forgetting the riches of our seas. Their ambition is to give their guests the pleasure of being at the table in the company of friends and good wine. Furthermore, there is a wide range of pizzas, including gourmet pizzas, chickpea porridge and Recco focaccia. A must try!
Open every day
Location Soleil, 3, 11024 Châtillon
Telephone: +39 0166 61 046



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