What are the advantages of the e-bikes?
Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have an electric motor that allows cyclists to move faster and with less effort than traditional bicycles. The motor only activates when you pedal using energy from a battery.
The rise of e-bikes can offer many benefits, especially when it comes to reducing pollution rates and carbon emissions. In fact, the greenhouse gas emissions of e-bikes are much lower than those of normal cars with internal combustion engines and electric cars.
E-bikes offer cyclists the opportunity to live in a more active way because they have the possibility to travel on secondary roads and less traveled paths that cannot be traveled by car. Electric bikes, in addition to being able to travel on this type of road, are able to make the same journey as a car.
Thanks to the greater use of bicycles there is the possibility of reducing traffic, emissions, and consequently pollution.
Cycle tourism is a form of tourism practiced by bicycle. It is an economic way of traveling, which however requires preparation and technical organisation; precisely for this reason whoever decides to practice this adventurous type of tourism must be able to autonomously deal with the overnight stay and any eventuality or mechanical breakdown that could occur during the trip.
What the cycling tourism practitioners have in common is a particular sensitivity towards the environment and a great passion for the bicycle, both as a means of transport and as a lifestyle.
Furthermore, it has been shown by several studies that cycling consistently can improve heart and metabolism health, increase muscle tone, reduce stress and increase life span as well as its quality.
The respiratory and aerobic activity that requires cycling causes an increase in the cavitary spaces and hypertrophy of the walls of the heart, this leads to an improvement in fatigue resistance and respiratory capacity. In addition to this, cycling decreases diastolic blood pressure, increases the elasticity of the vein walls and increases blood circulation in the lower limbs, thus preventing swelling of the latter and consequent circulation fatigue.
Furthermore, pedaling helps burn fat and calories, helping to reduce fat and improve metabolism, keeping cholesterol, blood sugar and triglyceride levels under control. This leads to a decrease in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Cycling also helps protect the cartilage of the hips, knees and ankles, which are trained thanks to the rotational movement of pedaling. The muscles are toned, the spine is protected in the position assumed when pedaling, finally, pedaling while standing helps to strengthen the abs.
It must be emphasized that the battery of electric bikes must be charged after a certain period of time or after a certain distance, but thanks to the hotels that provide the availability of being able to charge them, you can have a pleasant break, the important thing is that those who decide to undertaking this type of holiday is aware of every type of need that it requires.
Surely the diffusion of cycle tourism can bring excellent results as regards the environment and one's health, as well as offering lower costs as regards the cost of the bike or even simply the rental.



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