The village that loves art
In this village of Valle D'Aosta, inserted among the most beautiful villages in Italy, and certainly in first place among the most beautiful in the entire region, there is an artistic itinerary that can be followed right inside between alleys and small houses; in this itinerary your gaze can continually rest on contemporary sculptures, installations or paintings. But not only that, thanks to the collaboration with the Pierre Gianadda Foundation in Martigny, important exhibitions on the great masters of art often arrive here in Étroubles, Rodin and Claudel have already passed through here, with their sculptures, but also Degas and Picasso. A place very sensitive to artistic suggestions, therefore. Historically this has always been a crossing point to reach the San Bernardo Pass and even today the Via Francigena that passes through here is a destination for pilgrims, trekking enthusiasts or simple tourists in search of spaces of peace. Do not miss a few visits to places that only here you can meet, a series of truly unmissable "Prime" such as the First Dairy Turnaria of the Aosta Valley, dating back to 1853, now transformed into a museum; during the visit you can see, also through the knowledge of the tools used at the time, the various stages of cheese processing. The first hydroelectric power station of the Gran San Bernardo Valley, dating back to 1904, also here you can find a small museum. An integral part of the visit to this village is represented by the typical houses and small cobbled streets and the fountains from which you can drink the water of Monte Vèlan.



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