Floating in the clouds at the height of the great mountains
Flying in a hot air balloon is a strong emotion and the show is incomparable.
Valle d'Aosta is the homeland of the Italian champions of the discipline, the Charbonniers, a whole family with "their heads in the clouds". A passion that is passed down from father to son and that, in all seasons, fills the sky of the Aosta Valley with multicolored balls.
The balloons are designed, built and controlled according to very high standards of reliability and the flights always take place in optimal weather conditions. The experience of the pilots, all with specific qualifications, further guarantees safety. In a hot air balloon, in fact, you know where you start from, but not where you land: it depends on the whims of the wind. Finding yourself suspended at over 2,000 meters, face to face with the highest mountains in Europe , certainly doesn't happen every day, but it's an experience for everyone, you don't even need special clothing, just don't suffer from vertigo.
During this dive up into the blue sky, one does not have the perception of levitating and the silence is absolute. From this privileged observation point, the gaze extends 360 degrees and, looking down, the eye embraces, in unusual synthesis, Aosta and its monuments and then goes as far as the entrance to the upper Valle d'Aosta until the landing, which it awakens you from this magical adventure, bringing you back down to earth.
Among the available offers:
The flight from Aosta with a tour guide, to discover places, historical monuments and unusual views of the capital from above.
The high-altitude flight in front of the spectacular Mont Blanc chain, with a toast at 2,000 meters and a photo shoot on request.

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