Nature and history full of testimonies
Set in a vast basin at the confluence of two streams and surrounded by thick forests, La Thuile is dominated by high mountains and extensive glaciers. Its position is strategic, because it is located along the international road that connects the Valle d'Aosta to France through the Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo .
In addition to the scenic and natural beauties, La Thuile is an exceptional place from a historical point of view, being a transit point frequented since prehistoric times, in Roman times, in the Middle Ages and in the modern era. You can fully understand these testimonies of the past by visiting the Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo, but the whole municipal area is full of interest and always involves every visitor.

Unmissable in La Thuile:

- Cromlech : enigmatic circle of 46 stones at the Piccolo San Bernardo pass, on the border between Valle d'Aosta and Savoy which dates back to the 1st millennium BC
- Parish church of San Nicola : the building was rebuilt in the 15th and 18th centuries following the devastation of the French troops and was decorated immediately after the Second World War. Noteworthy are the 15th century crucifix, which dominates the altar, and the 18th century tabernacle. It is worth visiting the museum of sacred art which houses statuary and goldsmith's art from the 13th to the 19th century.
- Maison-Musée Berton : the eclectic collection, donated by the Berton brothers to the municipality, includes around 200 original handcrafted pieces as well as architectural elements, prints, drawings and sacred art objects. Added to these are more than 4,000 books, most of which are of Aosta Valley literature.

In summer, La Thuile is a paradise for hiking, both for the extension and variety of its network of paths and for the natural and landscape value of its places. Even the most inattentive visitor will immediately realize the exceptional nature of the surrounding landscape. From the spectacular Ruitor waterfalls to the fish-filled Verney lake , from the Youlaz valley to that of Orgères, up to the great mountain overlooking the municipality, the Rutor, alongside which an extensive glacier develops, where the realm of mountaineers begins.
Following the thousand-year-old road that leads beyond the Alps, until the coniferous woods give way to a vast plateau, you arrive at Piccolo San Bernardo . Here the alpine prairie, with ever changing colours, takes on almost mystical connotations, punctuated as it is by remote human testimonies. They range from the circle of stones from the Iron Age with a still unknown meaning to vestiges ranging from the Roman era, to the Middle Ages, up to the last war. You can continue beyond the hospice to the Chanousia botanical garden , which houses the most typical plant species of these high lands.
The mining past of La Thuile is perfectly visible today and a series of itineraries allow you to visit the ruins and infrastructures of the coal and silver mines .
La Thuile also stands out for its vast international Bike Park , served by numerous ski lifts. It extends for over 200 km with over 1200 meters in altitude and includes itineraries for all levels of difficulty, from downhill routes on the Valle d'Aosta side to various cross country and enduro itineraries on the Savoyard side. Valuable instructors allow you to face these routes in complete safety.
La Thuile also has a sports center with a soccer field, five-a-side football, tennis, a gym and a children's play area.

It is in winter that La Thuile takes on a completely different character. One of its flagships is the vast international area for alpine skiing , connected to La Rosière, France. One of the largest in the Western Alps with its 160 km of slopes, the Espace San Bernardo is open until late spring for skiers of all levels, freeriders, and even snowkiters . At the disposal of table lovers, there is a snow park in La Rosière.
Even cross-country skiers find satisfaction in the three rings of different difficulties, for a total of 11 km.
In La Thuile there is also a heliski service to quickly reach the pristine snow of Rutor and Miravidi.

​Skiing in La Thuile - La Rosiere
The district offers an international connection with France on skis, plenty of precipitation, 160 km of slopes of all levels, parks dedicated to children, snowboard and bordercross enthusiasts, freeride and heliski enthusiasts and snowkite tightrope walkers. Slope number 3 deserves a special mention, the legendary Franco Berthod, scene of the 2016 women's world cup which saw the home athlete Federica Brignone triumph. One of the most spectacular and difficult routes in our area due to its gradients of up to 73%… in the footsteps of champions. There are no limits here, because dreams, reality and fantasy come together in a single station.
The purchase of the ski pass allows you to access the facilities of the Espace San Bernardo , to ski on endless kilometers of slopes distributed on the Italian and French sides, between La Thuile and La Rosière. Two countries, 1 ski pass, 37 lifts, 80 slopes of pure fun!



Festivals and Traditions:
- Summer solstice at the Cromlech of the Piccolo San Bernardo : the magic of the summer solstice at the Cromlech offers a special experience lived from a privileged astronomical observation point. At sunset, clouds permitting, a shadow advances behind Lancebranlette's saddle and draws particular contours inside the circle of the Cromlech.
- Fête des Bergers at the Piccolo San Bernardo pass : organized every two years on the Sunday following August 15th, it is an appointment that recalls the past, when the Aosta Valley shepherds met their Savoyard counterparts for the livestock market. Nowadays, the party has become a long-awaited appointment for tourists as well, during which one of the elimination rounds of the "Bataille de Reines" also takes place.
- Feast of Santa Margherita al Rutor : from the village of La Joux go up towards the Deffeyes refuge and then head to the chapel of San Grato and Santa Margherita, built on a rock overlooking the lake to avert the floods that scourged the villages downstream a starting from the sixteenth century.

The little ones can reach the top thanks to the ski lifts and reach a panoramic area with a heated outdoor pool . Or they can participate in the mountain bike school camp to learn how to descend slopes on two wheels or, for the little ones, try the balance bike. Or they can still be in contact with horses and ponies thanks to the activities organized by the local stables .
The Fun Park is a playground where children find a bouncy castle, a trampoline, mini jeeps, archery and table tennis.

  • LO TATA' LA THUILE: Located on the ski slopes, the restaurant is delightful for a break between one descent and another. The location is typically Valle d'Aosta characterized by a varied menu but with local products of excellent quality that allow combinations studied in detail.
Open every day from 12.00 to 14.00 and from 19.00 to 22.30
Fraction of Piccola Goletta, 102 11016 - La Thuile
Phone: + 0165 884132
  • LO RIONDET: Typical chalet of the Mont Blanc Valleys, Italian side. Traditional restaurant located at 1850 mt. above sea level, immersed in the unspoiled nature of the Italian Alps - on the border with Haute-Savoie (France). The typical cuisine is simple, traditional from the mountains. The dishes are rustic and the products are genuine. Polenta is the basic dish, at lunch, at dinner, in summer and in winter ... always and always! Wholemeal, stone-ground, cooked in a cauldron, seasoned, natural, Aosta Valley style, with milk ... served with various courses of meat, game, stews, roasts, mushrooms, vegetables, mountain cheeses. Soups are their "strong point", much in demand especially in winter.
SS Piccolo San Bernardo, 4 La Thuile (Ao)
Phone: +39 3358130180



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