Find out how the ancestors of this Walser village lived with its history, its folklore and the curiosities that characterize this community.
The visit to the ecomuseum crosses three structures that offer the opportunity for a journey to discover the Walser culture:

Rural house – Puròhus
Ancient rural house from the 1700s which recreates the authentic atmosphere of a typical Walser house with its "Wohngade", the stable-house. The Wohngade, once the beating heart of the working activity, includes a part used as a shelter for animals and one reserved for human habitation, separated from each other by a wooden partition. The cohabitation was aimed at the exploitation of animal heat. The beautiful vaulted cellar and the barn with work tools can also be visited.

House Museum – Pòtzschhus
In the rooms of this "stadel", the typical Walser house, there are permanent exhibitions dedicated to the area. In the Monte Rosa room, the evolution of glaciers over time, the history of the conquest of the peaks and their protagonists, the evolution of mountaineering techniques, the history of refuges and the fascinating feat of laying the "Cristo delle Vette" are told , the large bronze statue placed on the Rosa glacier at 4,170 m. One section is dedicated to the history and function of the two scientific laboratories "Istituto Angelo Mosso" and "Regina Margherita".
The second room houses an exhibition on the history of traditional costume.
The third dedicated space hosts an exhibition presenting the route leading to Binò Alpelté and themed exhibitions.

Binò Alpelté hut
It is a small mountain pasture (Alpelté) in the locality of Binò, with the interesting peculiarity of being built in the shelter of a single natural rock (balma) which serves as a roof. It can be reached starting from the church square through an interesting and panoramic path halfway up the slope; returning from the visit you can visit the chapel of the dead (“Tòtòtschappélo”) and the historical cemetery of the town.
The visit to the hut takes place only in the summer period.
The visit to the hut is carried out independently.

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