May 13th 2023
The second edition of Monte Zerbion Skyrace will take place on Saturday 13 May 2023 and will feature the steep and demanding path that leads to the top of Zerbion.
Mount Zerbion and the paths of the Municipality of Châtillon are the ideal terrain to revive the emotions and the first years of skyrunning, as well as being the birthplace of the three testimonials of this edition, Bruno Brunod, Dennis Brunod and Jean Pellissier, who together decided to launch a new event, with the intention of taking a step back and retracing the past, in order to enhance the mountains.
What unites the three testimonials is precisely the passion for the mountains, which they have carried with them since they were children. Indeed, Bruno Brunod and Dennis Brunod walked that path as children, attracted by the majesty of Monte Zerbion. Jean Pellissier has always felt a strong admiration for Bruno Brunod, he has always aspired to him, now they are great friends and two fundamental characters for this event.
In this edition, the three aforementioned testimonials, the staff and the volunteers leave again dominated by a strong enthusiasm and by the pleasure of meeting again.
In fact, both in Châtillon and along the Zerbion paths, there will be moments to toast, sing and listen to the characteristic music of the Aosta Valley tradition.
The event is characterized by competitions of all kinds, for trained athletes, for the youngest and for those taking their first steps in the season. The event will last all day and will end with the awards ceremony and a well-deserved party.

The most demanding race is certainly the 22 kilometer Skyrace , starting in Châtillon, which will pass over the summit and return to the starting point. The test will be valid as the Italian Skyrace Championship of Fisky, the Italian Skyrunning Federation.
The shortest Skyrace is 18 kilometres , with starting and finishing points in Châtillon, the highest point from which you will pass will be the Francou pasture area, at an altitude of 2005 metres.
Two vertical competitions of only uphill, the first of 9.5 kilometers , valid for the Crazy Vertical Italy Cup of Fisky; the second of 5.5 kilometers for children between 15 and 18 years of age, an Italian Cup event. This test is also open in a non-competitive formula for young people aged 12 to 14 and for athletes with disabilities.
There will also be a non-competitive race, that is a 5 km food and wine randò to allow those who wish to have fun in a different way; this walk will allow you to discover the most hidden corners of Châtillon.
The little ones (under 8 and under 11) will be able to participate in the baby races , one of 500 meters and one of one kilometre .
The desire of the organizations of the "Monte Zerbion Skyrace" in Italy and the "EDF Pierra Menta Été" in France, has made it possible to combine the two mountain running events that take place in areas with common characteristics, namely agriculture, tourism and hydroelectricity.
All the athletes who finish both the Monte Zerbion Skyrace 22 kilometers and three stages of the French race will be included in the Mountain Trail Trophy classification.

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