Recommended from July to September
After the Aosta tollbooth, take the tunnel in the direction of Gran San Bernardo. Turn right for Valpelline continuing as far as Lake Lexert . Turn left to Ruz and park at the beginning of the village.
The Crète Sèche is a via ferrata that takes place on the watershed line that distinguishes the Swiss border. You pass from the woods to the little valley, dominated by the rocky peaks of Morion and de la Vierge , which leads to the plain under the profile of Mont Berlon. The ridge itinerary is truly suggestive and recalls the great and airy alpine rides in extraordinary places.

From the car parks in Ruz you will enter the village following the signs for the Crète Sèche refuge. Then you will go up a path that alternates with a dirt road in view of the entrance to the small valley. When you arrive near the pastures it will be possible to continue on the normal path or, if you prefer, take the shortcuts to the left, which will take you to the refuge faster but are steeper. Once you reach the building, you will pass it in the direction of the Spataro bivouac, and on the left at the bottom of the valley you will notice the clear debris slide that leads to Mont Gelé.
Once you reach the pass, you will continue to the left on the aided route which will go up the entire ridge. The last part of the itinerary is characterized by short slabs resting on the left of the ridge.
At the end of the via ferrata you will descend on the large moraine and turn left meeting two flat tracks. The one on the right goes down halfway up the plains and reaches the refuge. The one on the left unravels in the canal, still going down to the floors. In both possibilities, continue on the path made on the outward journey.

The duration of one way is 5 hours; as difficulty the route is considered not very difficult.



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