Recommended in spring and summer
The Ru de Lies is an ancient medieval irrigation canal, if you walk along its banks you will discover some of the lesser-known corners of Valtournenche.
Given the absence of difficulties along the way, this walk is suitable for everyone, pushchairs, people with disabilities and also for those who prefer to ride a bike.
The Ru de Lies nature trail begins at the end of the bridge in Champagne .
Explanatory panels are positioned along the path regarding the history, geography, geomorphology, flora and fauna of Antey-Saint-André, and climatology, environmental laws and typical products of the region.
You will come to a point where beyond the stream you will see the tourist information office and looking up you will see the ruins of the Ru dou Pan Perdu channel. You will then cross the bridge that crosses the stream which descends from the Magdeleine, arriving at the crossroads with the La Poyà path.
As you leave the wood, you will see Mount Barbeston in front of you. By stopping at the benches of the viewpoint, which you will find along the road that leads from Sounère to Petit Antey, you will be able to observe the villages of Cerian, Epaillon and Villettaz in front of you. While above, near the Becca d'Aver, you will see the Church of Torgnon and to its right the Church of Navillod.
Entering the wood after the exit, you will see looking down at the houses of the hamlet of Sounère, while looking up you will see Mont Meabé.
You will take the road that leads to Lies, which will gradually narrow until it becomes a small path through the meadows that leads to the village of Lies.
On the return journey, at the point that previously indicated the road to reach Lies, you will be able to observe the group of Dome di Tzan and Punta Tzan. Where instead there is the crossroads of Poià (on the right), it is possible to glimpse the Cima del Monte Tantané which overlooks the municipality of La Magdeleine.

The entire duration of the route is one hour, if traveled by bike, while on foot a couple of hours (including stops).
It's about 2 km one way only.



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